Business CRM


CRM for Commercial Businesses:

Our preferred mid-range CRM solution is Maximizer and for most users we believe that a cloud implementation will be most appropriate. (On-premise is always an option.) Our other preferred software platforms are described in detail with videos under the ‘Our Software’ tab, alongside add-on products.

How we get to know you and your needs depends a little on where you are on your CRM journey; please call us any time and tell us what you want from CRM.

  • First time user, possibly with a spreadsheet transition requirement: If you are ready for a basic system up to 5 users we can get you started quickly and operational within a few days. We’ll talk about the processes you need and the size of your contact populations and give you some guidance on timing and costs.
  • First time user with some experience and limited budget. Talk to us about getting the basics sorted out asap and perhaps go down a teach-yourself DIY route. (Try befor you buy with a free sandbox account.) You can start small and move up later.
  • First CRM project for newly formed team, 10 to 50 users. Small CRM’s won’t do. Mid Range Maximizer will get you started with an affordable and expandable customisation based on Maximizer. Projects are in the 2-4 weeks range.
  • When your requirement runs to 50+ users we would welcome the opportunity of discussing the outcome of your CRM Readiness review and the types of processes that must be supported.

Out-of-the-box mid-range low-code/no-code CRM Solutions

Mid-Range Maximizer gives people what they need perhaps just starting with 1 or possibly 100+. Here’s the out -of-the-box option: Maximizer is an all one-in-one CRM solution, designed to help you manage your customers from acquisition through to retention and expansion. Maximizer is easy to set up, simple to use and comes with support from our CRM experts. It’s customisable without bespoke software writing for many types of relationship support work.

Seamless Integration between Marketing Automation and CRM

Marketing is the first touchpoint for a new prospect but when your marketing automation platform and CRM aren’t integrated it results in a disjointed customer journey from the start. Maximizer has free and easy to install integrations with key marketing automation platforms including HubSpot, Marketo and Mailchimp so you don’t have to worry about lead transfer between platforms. Marketing can pull accurate reporting, and sales have all the information they need before talking to a new prospect.

Streamline Your Lead Management

Sales is a complex activity, some leads are hot prospects while others can clutter your database with irrelevant data. The leads module in Maximizer has been specifically designed to bring clarity to your sales processes with a clean, easy-to-use workspace that helps you sort your leads from hot prospects to existing customers without impacting the quality of your existing customer database.

Full Visibility of Opportunities

The opportunities module in Maximizer provides visibility into your pipeline for complete control over the sales process (sales funnel). The opportunities module can be completely customized to your own business processes and visual dashboards provide easy to read snapshots into how your sales team is performing.

Native Mobile App for Sales

Never miss a beat with our native mobile app for sales. Designed to give your teams out in the field all the features and functionality of the opportunities module in the palm of their hand. Plus, with features like voice notes they’ll save time too.

All the Customer Information You’ll Ever Need; All In One Place

Maximizer is setup to give you a single view of your customer in an easy-to-view interface. Automatic audit trails provide a record of every single piece of activity against a customer and the customizable tab allows you to view only the information that is important to you.

Case Management

Easily raise resolution tickets, complete with case numbers, product categories, assignments and other details that are fully searchable for quick access. Use alerts and notifications for faster response time and escalation of more serious issues to subject matter experts

Service Level Insight

Track team performance across key metrics with pre-built dashboards and customisable reports, and use the intelligence to improve service levels and speed of response over time.

Increased Customer Intimacy

With our integrations with key business apps and features within Maximizer you can view everything a customer does in and outside of your CRM.

Fully Customisable Reporting

Maximizer contains reports that can be fully configured to your business. Identify possible up-sell and cross-sell opportunities in your customer base then quickly and easily display them in a visual dashboard.


When time and resources are constantly being squeezed, anything that drives efficiency while improving accuracy is always welcome. Maximizer is packed with tools and features to drive productivity in your business while improving the customer experience and making your life easier.

App Directory

With the average business using six different applications on any given day, the last thing you need is for them to work in silos. Maximizer’s App Directory is packed with free and easy-to-install applications covering everything from marketing automation, accounting, maps, productivity and even text messaging.

Customisable Tab

Information is great, but when there is too much data to look at it can hinder your operations. The customer feature tab allows your users to see what they want to see, in a single view.

Pop-up Notifications

Create pop-up notifications for almost anything, from customer service cases to new leads and closed opportunities to make sure you never miss an important event.

Quick Search

When you have thousands of records in your CRM, sometimes you need to go straight to a specific record. Our quick search function allows you to do just that. Search through your leads, opportunities, customer contacts, services cases and more with a variety of data points.

Elapsed Time Calculation

Automatically calculates elapsed time from a start date. Easily setup to track critical timeframes such as time passed since last contact, contract renewal dates and personal anniversaries. This feature can also be used to automatically update data displayed in dashboards, searches and column views