Basic CRM User Interface Training:

Introduction to CRM and all the basic features of the user interface. Includes data entry from record card, multiple data formats and notes. Participants will also learn the operation of the diary, to-do list, and use of notes. The Basic Training course is suitable for all new users and should be completed within 2 months of starting to use the application. This one-day course is available using clients facilities (Full workbook provided). We recommend classes of no more than 5 people to achieve maximum benefit from the day. A personal tuition service is also available covering the same curriculum, but allowing a change of emphasis according to personal preference. Online and half-day sessions available.

Advanced Training Leading to Super-User Responsibilities:

This one-day course begins with an overview of the primary relationship management functions covered in the basic course. The curriculum then covers:  windows, short-cuts, setting up UDF’s, using group edit, setting up column reports, cleaning up a list of people to mail, mail merging, typical tasks, user preferences, managing campaigns. This course is suitable for users who have attended the basic course and have been putting that knowledge into practice for at least 4 weeks. Mature users will find this course helps them gain insight into new ways that their system can help them to work smarter. 

Application Administrator Training:

The disciplines of using the customised application need to be agreed by the team and the documentation then maintained by an administrator (or 2). The team accepts that the data in the system is a key corporate asset and its usability is key to operational effectiveness. Typical tasks include back-ups, database design, maintaining data definitions, establishing a Protocol Document of procedures and disciplines, database clean-ups, de-duplication, GDPR and archiving. The Administrator might also be responsible for administration of the database injection feeds. These tasks are needed by user teams to avoid the possibility that the effectiveness of the application becomes compromised by ill-disciplined or inappropriate use. (This is a one-day course with an interactive format. Attendees will need to make their own notes as no workbook is provided.)

Opportunity PipelineTraining:

The Pipeline or Funnel of sales opportunities contains basic records of all potential deals. These features give you forecasts to manage your sales pipeline. This course begins with a review of the Basic user interface course, then moves quickly through the curriculum of advanced relationship management to arrive a the features of sales pipeline management. There is huge potential here for customised approaches to pipeline records and the setting up of deal value calculationas and summaries for senior management dashboards.