You are ready to grow. Your market is there and moving. Your part of the economy is not bogged down so the time is now. Mervyn King just said so, and Carney is on the way! You’ve survived. You know that in good times your business needs to be scalable, but you are not. So how do you get to ‘there’ from here?

You can see that there is competition for the business that you want to close. The customer interface is where things need to change. More activity, more lead generation (and better lead qualification; don’t want to waste time). Is it marketing that needs expanding? Is your web site doing what it should? Is the social media thing quite beyond you? Is it sales relationships, more tele-selling, more staff? Working to what disciplines? Will a spreadsheet do? No, it will have to be a CRM database. Have you got a sales process? Is there a sales cycle understanding that you can pass on? Is your sales resource scalable (this is a very difficult area for SME’s seeking growth).

We can help you build the customer interface with sales marketing, customer service web analytics; the whole package…. So tell us what you want to do. We’re different… We listen.